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New Year's Resolutions

In addition to working out and giving up sweets, we'd love to add a few more items to your list...

Please update your personal contact information. Over the past few years many of you have moved, have new phone numbers and/or new e-mail addresses. We need your most current information. If you have had such changes, please let Barbara "Sparky" Bird our VP and Director of Communications know.

Also, seek out a new way to be of service. Many of our responders volunteer with one or more of the traditional response charities...Red Cross, United Way, Salvation Army, Catholic Relief Services, the Southern Baptist Convention, etc. During the recent holiday flooding in the mid-west, these agencies came up on the short end of available volunteers. We don't know if it was because many volunteers were away for the holidays or that many of those who used to volunteer have retired or moved on to other interests. In any case, these agencies have issued calls for volunteer recruitment across North America to fill their depleted ranks. If you want to be of service, volunteer!

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