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The Long Stem Red NOSE Campaign

When the owner of Salon Gallery on Rt. 9 in Clifton Park, NY learned about the preparation of bouquets of long stem red noses that would go to emergency and first responders in Newtown, CT, she decided that not only did she want to make a donation but put up a display for donations in her shop.

A poster describing where the bouquets would go was set up and it included a holder of Hug Coupons. Three weeks later $260 had been collected (and the Hug Coupons had to be replenished). Shannon McMahon and owner Kim Stauder promoted this throughout the week and Barbara Huff even purchased two nose roses herself. This was a huge help at this time and truly appreciated.


It was felt that bouquets of 26 long stem red noses would be appropriate, representing the 26 who lost their lives at the Sandy Hook school Dec 14, 2012. We decided that we would deliver them to the first responders and others who gave of themselves on the front lines.

That meant at least 21 bouquets. That meant 546 LSRNs. And that meant a lot of rose petals to be taken off artificial roses and replaced with foam noses. Besides the hot glue left on tender finger tips there are now over 7000 rose petals. We hope to find a good use for them. If you have any ideas, please contact us!


The deliveries took place on three different days in March in spite of very iffy weather and went to the firefighters, police departments, dispatch center, volunteer ambulance corps and EMTs, the two diners that gave out so much food and drinks, Msgr. Weiss of St. Rose of Lima Church, the funeral home, the florist, and others.

Those RNR responders who were so key to the success of this and other community events in Newtown are forever in our gratitude. Let's give a cheer to Claudia Boerst, Robbie Pack, Heather Katz, Cathy Pings,Tish Camacho, Marilyn Lauria, Michael du Pont, Natalie Lyon, Bill Russo, Pam Sutherland, and the Ha Ha Clowns.

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