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A Hug for Everyone in Newtown

We made hug coupons to hand out in Newtown by printing them on business card stock. We don't do a lot of advertising and we weren't doing this for the press, but it seemed prudent to include information about how to contact RNR on the card. Voila!

The hug coupon was the kind you have probably seen: Good for One Free Hug, No expiration date, redeemable from any participating human. The image above shows what the front of the card looked like. We included information about RNR on the back side. It gave us an opportunity to tell people that RNR is there for them, for now, for the future and for as long as they want us.

The hug coupon, front and back will be on our website very soon for you to download and print for yourself. You never know how much of an impact one of these can make until you have some and start giving them out. Try it, you'll like it!

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