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Ethan and the Tomato Nose

You always find one or more memorable bright spots in an event and they usually come from kids. At the Newtown indoor carnival on Dec 29, this charming young man accepted his foam nose (he was given the opportunity to "pick" his nose) and then he did one better. What happened next is priceless.

The boy, Ethan Paley, is 9 years old and in the fourth grade at Sandy Hook Elementary School. He somehow befriended this nice lady, Colleen Dean, to transform his nose into a tomato. What you see is the end result. God bless kids who make us have faith in the power of what we provide as clowns.

Thank you also to Ethan's dad, Andrew, who gave his consent for us to share this photo when he found out who we were and that we wanted to share this joyful moment.

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